Fast Grocery Start-up JOKR is Closing Up Shop in the U.S.

15-minute grocery startup JOKR is shutting down U.S. operations due to economic uncertainty. We analyzed the state of the fast grocery landscape in the United States.... Read more

Mobile App Market and Niche Market Analysis

The 42matters App Watchlist is a powerful tool for mobile app market analysis, offering insight into 16.3+ million published and unpublished apps available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.... Read more

Google’s New ASO Guidelines May Impact 385k+ Android Apps

Use Cases

Last year, Google announced a revision to Google Play’s guidance. Crafted with an eye towards improving app quality and discovery, it includes a policy change for app metadata intended to encourage the use of recognizable and unique app titles by limiting their length to 30 characters.... Read more

BNPL Update: Apple to Join the Party

Download Estimates

On June 6th, 2022, Apple made it official. They’re joining the “Buy Now, Pay Later” party with a brand new BNPL offering: Apple Pay Later.... Read more

NEW: App Changelog History API

API Changelog

We’ve revised our old Changelog History API! With the new App Changelog History API (Android / iOS) you can view comprehensive historical app changelogs for any Android or iOS app available on Google Play or the Apple App Store.... Read more

The Fastest Growing Mobile Games From India’s Top Mobile Game Publishers

India is one of the top mobile game markets in the world. So, we identified the fastest growing mobile games from India’s top publishers, including Gametion, Moonfrog, and Read more

ABOUT YOU Surpasses 1M Downloads in Germany for 2022

E-commerce revenues have disappointed in 2022. Despite this, shopping apps like Takko Friends, ABOUT YOU, and Netto-App continue to dominate Germany’s top charts.... Read more

3 Ways Ad Networks Can Use 42matters to Generate Leads

API Explorer SDK Explorer

Ad networks can leverage 42matters’ App Intelligence solutions to generate leads in a variety of ways. In this article, we walk you through three of the most common techniques.... Read more

Amazon Surpasses 40M U.S. Downloads in 2022 Amid Declining E-Commerce Sales

Despite declining e-commerce revenues in 2022, downloads for mobile commerce apps like Amazon, SHEIN, and Walmart remain strong in the United States.... Read more

Lead Generation: Get Targeted App Developer Leads

Explorer SDK Explorer

The 42matters Explorer is a powerful lead generation tool for the mobile app and game market. It offers insight into 16.3+ million published and unpublished iOS and Android apps, including data and contact information for 1.7 million publishers.... Read more

Fastest Growing Apps: Rocket Game Studio Scores Big

According to our latest analysis, Merge Monster: Frog Evolution by Rocket Game Studio is the fastest growing app in the world over the last 30 days.... Read more

NEW: Google Play App Monthly Active Users (MAU) History API

We’ve launched a brand new API! With the Google Play App Monthly Active Users History API you can view historical MAU trends for all published and unpublished Android apps available on Google Play.... Read more

Clubhouse Update: Meta Pulls the Plug on Audio

Meta has officially pulled the plug on its Clubhouse competitor. So, we wanted to see if the once-trendy drop-in audio app still had an audience.... Read more

Streaming Wars: Netflix Shares Tumble

After a disappointing earnings report, Netflix’s stock price collapsed. We take a look at how this has impacted their mobile app performance.... Read more

REPORT: The State of App-ads.txt and Sellers.json 2022

App-ads.txt Sellers.json

We’ve released a new report titled The State of App-ads.txt and Sellers.json 2022! The report addresses the growing threat of mobile ad fraud and how ad tech companies are beginning to fight back. In particular, it focuses on the rise of app-ads.txt and sellers.json, two ad fraud prevention standards developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The State of App-ads.txt and Sellers.json 2022 covers the following topics and trends: * The Rise of Mobile Advertising and Mobile Ad Fraud... Read more

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