How to find Apps Popular in a Country with the App Intelligence Explorer?

There are many apps on the Google Play and Apple App Store that are released specifically for a country, city, or even community. Those apps range from public services such as metro or train schedules, local banks, services for websites that are only active in a certain country, even games that are particular for the region. Discovering those apps can be hard, but sometimes they are the ones that are valuable for establishing local business relationships. Today we will show you how you can use different filters on 42matters App Intelligence Explorer to find the most popular apps by country and unearth other such geo-specific apps and games.

  • The first and most-straightforward signal is where an app is available. Often there is no geo-restriction simply due to the nature of the apps - e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc. But in other cases, publishers restrict the country availability of their apps to potentially get ranked better, or to avoid confusion if the service they provide only makes sense in a certain locality. By using the Explorer, we can limit the country availability to a single country, e.g. Japan. We can see that at the time of writing, there are 23,917 apps that are available only in Japan.
Apps available in Japan-only
  • We can restrict the supported languages to list only apps available in Japanese only. This can be combined with the country availability to make a very strict filter or separately to allow apps that are meant for Japanese-speaking people, not necessarily only in Japan. There are 62,047 apps on Google Play available in Japanese only.
How to find the most popular apps by country.
Apps available in Japanese only

  • Another signal is whether an app is actually in a Top Chart for a country. Again this can be used together with other filters or as a standalone filter. In case of it being used as a sole filter, it may reveal apps that are neither country-restricted nor in a particular language but certainly appealing for the population of a country. For example we can see that among other apps in the Education category in Japan, we see Duolingo, which is definitely not released in Japan only.
Top Apps in Education in Japan

  • The last strategy that we will reveal today is the Physical Address filter. You can use it to discover publishers that are based in a country (e.g Japan) or even in provinces, cities, etc. By using the Explorer we discover 18,302 apps whose publishers are based in Japan, of which 6,302 are in Tokyo. All this can be conveniently exported and used in an Excel Sheet or as CSV file.
App Publishers based in Japan

This concludes our introduction to App Intelligence Explorer features that support your business with localized app lead discovery or market research. All localized data is also available via Localized File downloads for bulk processing.