NEW: Sellers.json File Dumps

Over the past few weeks, we’ve added a number of new features and functionalities to our products. We expanded our connected TV (CTV) file dumps with data from Google TV,  added monthly active users (MAU) to the 42matters Explorer, and now we’ve launched a brand new file dump for sellers.json files!

Here’s what we cover in this blog post (click the links below to jump to the corresponding section):

What Are Sellers.json Files?

The sellers.json spec was created by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to help fight ad fraud in the digital advertising space. Put plainly, it enables ad space buyers to discover and verify the entities selling digital ad space, whether they’re the direct sellers or intermediaries.

Sellers.json is a counterpart to the IAB’s app-ads.txt digital ad fraud prevention standard and can be used alongside it to cross-validate ad space bid requests.

How to Access Sellers.json With 42matters

With our brand new sellers.json file dump, you’ll be able to discover and verify the identities of digital ad space sellers by accessing their names, domain names, and seller IDs.

The sellers.json file dump works for the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Roku Channel Store, Apple TV tvOS App Store, Amazon FireTV, Samsung Smart TV Apps, LG Content Store, Vizio SmartCast Apps, and Google TV.

To take the sellers.json file dump out for a test drive, click the link below (NOTE: a sample data set will immediately download to your device upon clicking the link):

For a full rundown of the sellers.json file dump’s schema, check out the documentation on our website!

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