What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Last week, we published an article discussing the value that Mobile Application Management [https://42matters.com/blog/?p=mobile-application-management] (MAM) brings to modern organizations. This week, we switch our attention to Mobile Device Management (MDM), focusing on the following questions: * What is Mobile Device Management? * What’s the difference between Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management? * Why do organizations need Mobile Device Management? * How h... Read more

What is Mobile Application Management (MAM)?

Mobile Application Management (MAM) Key Takeaways: * MAM refers to the management of the security, governance, and distribution of mobile apps, typically within an enterprise. * MAM differs from mobile device management (MDM), which focuses on establishing enterprise security policies at the device level. * MAM enables businesses to secure against a wide range of potential attack vectors and risks, without inhibiting employee productivity or satisfaction. * 42matters can help impro... Read more

NEW: Monthly Downloads Filter, Similar Apps Feature, & More!


Key Takeaways: We’ve added a monthly downloads filter to the 42matters Explorer! But that's not all. We’ve also added... * A “similar apps” feature for iOS apps * 72 new Android permissions and 7 new iOS permissions * Lebanon Top Charts Well, we’ve officially turned onto the home stretch of 2020. And while it’s been a rocky year, to say the very least, we at 42matters have nevertheless put it to good use, taking quarantines, lockdowns, and travel restrictions as opportunities to refine our ... Read more

The Nine Best Mobile Security Apps in 2020


Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash. Key Takeaways for “The Nine Best Mobile Security Apps in 2020”: * AVG AntiVirus Free & Mobile Security, Photo Vault by AVG Mobile is the best mobile security app by total downloads on Google Play, having been downloaded over 100 million times, including 13.8 million times in the last year. * Of the top nine, One Booster - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner by One Dot Mobile Limited has performed best over the last year, surpassing 78.6 million ... Read more

NEW: Historical App Download Data from 42matters


Historical App Download Data Key Takeaways: * We have added historical app download estimates to the 42matters Explorer. * This will give users the ability to view historical download data, for any app, as far back as one year. * They will also have the ability to filter historical downloads by country. Over the past few months, we’ve received quite a few requests from our loyal customers concerning the possibility of adding historical app download data ... Read more

Unity Technologies IPO: Android and iOS App Statistics

Use Cases

Key takeaways: * Unity Technologies priced its initial public offering above range at $52 a share, giving the company a $13.7 billion valuation. * Their SDK Unity3D can be found on 243,222 Android apps and 112,013 iOS apps. * Their SDK Unity Ads can be found on 183,131 Android apps and 79,860 iOS apps. * Unity Ads is deployed in 11% of all Android apps, accounting for nearly 160 billion monthly downloads. On Thursday, September 17, 2020, the video game... Read more

Mintegral Controversy: Which Apps Use the Mintegral SDK?

Use Cases

The United States and China are engaged in a budding “Tech Cold War.” While 5G, Huawei, and TikTok dominated the early rounds, the latest controversy comes courtesy of Mintegral [https://bit.ly/3LlLgar], a Chinese ad network accused by the US/UK-based security company Snyk [https://snyk.io/] of spying on user activity and committing ad fraud. Before we go much further here, we should clarify something. Even if we assume Snyk’s accusations are legit (and they very well may not be), it’s quite ... Read more

How to Get App Insights for App Analysis

One of the more common questions that we at 42matters receive is whether it’s possible to get app insights for app analysis. The answer, of course, is yes! The 42matters Explorer [https://42matters.com/app-market-explorer] — along with our catalog of useful APIs and file dumps — delivers everything from download statistics to technical insights. Our data, which is refreshed daily, is based on a comprehensive analysis of: * 3,385,076 [https://42matters.com/google-play-statistics-and-trends] A... Read more

How to Get App Download Statistics

Use Cases Explorer

Is there a way to get app download statistics? Yes! Services like 42matters [https://42matters.com/ame] that specialize in mobile app data and app store analytics can provide a variety of actionable download insights. These include estimates for total downloads and monthly/daily downloads by country. Now, some of our more astute readers will have caught onto that one word — estimates. And we confess, app downloads are tricky to pin down. Indeed, with millions of apps being uploaded, downlo... Read more

What Are App Store Analytics and Why Do They Matter?


App store analytics refers to the systematic analysis of data collected from mobile app stores, such as Google Play and the Apple App Store, and the broader mobile app economy. Like mobile app analytics [https://42matters.com/blog/?p=what-are-mobile-app-analytics-and-why-do-they-matter] , app store analytics can be used for anything from market research to competitor analysis, but are more commonly leveraged by developers to monitor the success of their apps, improve app store optimization (ASO... Read more

What Are Mobile App Analytics and Why Do They Matter?

Use Cases

Mobile app analytics refers to the systematic analysis of data collected from mobile apps and the broader mobile app economy. While mobile app analytics can be used for anything from market research to competitor analysis, it is most commonly deployed by developers to improve conversions, app performance, user experience, app store optimization (ASO), and more. At 42matters, for instance, we deliver mobile app analytics via a host of useful APIs and the 42matters Explorer [https://42matters.c... Read more

The Top Chinese Apps in India in 2020

Use Cases

As of July 9th, 2020, there were 14,786 Android apps and 3,149 iOS apps available in India that were developed in China. Of these, there were 5,500 games on Google Play and 1,568 games on the Apple App Store. In this article, we’ll show you how to access the most comprehensive list of the top Chinese apps in India [https://42matters.com/india-app-market-statistics]. As already noted, the data that follows was pulled July 9th, 2020. However, if you use the 42matters Explorer [https://42matte... Read more

Financial App Market Research: 12 Ways 42matters Can Help

Use Cases

Now, this may come as a shock, but we here at 42matters are quite interested in the financial sector. We know; a Swiss company interested in banking and finance — quelle surprise! But we actually approach the industry from a different angle than most Swiss companies. You see, we’re focused on the mobile app economy. So, in this article, we’ll discuss how you can use app data from 42matters to conduct market research on the financial app sector. But first, some statistics: * There are more t... Read more

Improved Country Availability, Languages, Publisher Geolocation Filters in Explorer


Coronavirus has been a shot to the arm. Fortunately, there appears to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. For our part, we’ve looked at these extraordinary times as an opportunity for extraordinary focus. Indeed, since the initiation of global coronavirus containment measures we’ve been hard at work upgrading three useful features on the 42matters Explorer [https://42matters.com/app-market-explorer]. They are as follows: 1. Country availability filters 2. Language filters 3. ... Read more

Facebook Messenger Rooms Enters Video Conferencing Market

Use Cases

Three weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, revealed Messenger Rooms, the Social Media giant’s response to video conferencing platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This new product will enable users to create virtual “Rooms” to host online events, conference calls, product demos — you name it! According to Zuckerberg, Messenger Rooms is extremely easy to use. To invite users to a virtual event, users need only send them an automatically generated link. Then, to join, guests simply c... Read more

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