Java implementation of a disk-based LRU cache which specifically targets Android compatibility. A cache SDK that uses a bounded amount of space on a filesystem. The primary SDK category for Android Disk LRU Cache is Database and Data Management. It is integrated in apps on the Google Play.

Based on downloads over the last 30 days, the most popular Android apps on the integrating Android Disk LRU Cache are:

  • DyneFit : Providing Fitness So developed by DYNE Health And Fitness in the Health & Fitness category
  • Alaska Air Group CU developed by Alaska Air Group CU in the Finance category
  • UniqueSeller developed by UniqueSeller in the Shopping category
  • Kpbazaar Grocery developed by Aakash Singh in the Shopping category
  • Aamazia developed by akashwebapps in the Business category

Based on the number of Android apps integrating Android Disk LRU Cache, it is Popular.

In the last six months Android Disk LRU Cache has more new installations than removals.

This SDK is most commonly used by Android apps in the News & Magazines category, followed by the Shopping category.

Similar SDKs include: