Pinyin4j is a popular Java library SDK supporting convertion between Chinese characters and most popular Pinyin systems. The primary SDK category for Pinyin4j is Developer Tools. It is integrated in apps on the Google Play.

Based on downloads over the last 30 days, the most popular Android apps on the integrating Pinyin4j are:

  • AiFresh developed by Shenzhen ElinkThings Co.,Ltd in the Health & Fitness category
  • 苦哈哈 Primary TingXie Practice developed by Angel Koh in the Education category
  • 唱唱 developed by DeepVoiceApp in the Music & Audio category
  • 歡樂唱唱—和朋友一起歡歌歡唱KTV唱歌卡拉OK developed by DeepVoice in the Entertainment category
  • 歡樂語音-台灣歌友歡歌歡唱全民K歌,唱歌聊天交友的手機KTV developed by HappyTalk in the Social category

Based on the number of Android apps integrating Pinyin4j, it is Somewhat Popular.

In the last six months Pinyin4j has more new installations than removals.

This SDK is most commonly used by Android apps in the Educational category, followed by the Dating category.

Similar SDKs include: