The ViewRevealAnimator SDK is a ViewAnimator view with a lollipop style reveal effect. The primary SDK category for ViewRevealAnimator is User Interface and Graphics. It is integrated in apps on the Google Play.

Based on downloads over the last 30 days, the most popular Android apps on the integrating ViewRevealAnimator are:

  • Anime Face Changer developed by PREMIUM PHOTO STUDIO in the Art & Design category
  • Movistar Cloud developed by Telefónica Móviles Argentina in the Productivity category
  • All Bank Balance check developed by Fin Credits Inc in the Finance category
  • くせ毛さんのお出かけ前に見る天気アプリ「か~る」 developed by kako351 in the Weather category
  • Bless me app developed by Jiri App Pty in the Dating category

Based on the number of Android apps integrating ViewRevealAnimator, it is Not Popular.

In the last six months ViewRevealAnimator has more new installations than removals.

This SDK is most commonly used by Android apps in the Photography category, followed by the Beauty category.

Similar SDKs include: