The MultiLayerNavigation SDK helps you implement the interaction 'drag to go back.' The only one thing you need to do is replace your UINavigationController with the MLNavigation Controller. The primary SDK category for MultiLayerNavigation is User Interface and Graphics. It is integrated in apps on the Apple App Store.

Based on downloads over the last 30 days, the most popular iOS apps on the integrating MultiLayerNavigation are:

  • 乐影网 看电影,从乐影开始! developed by 北京影合众新媒体技术服务有限公司 in the Entertainment genre
  • 56视频-懂你的短视频社区 developed by Qianjun Network Technology LTD. in the Entertainment genre
  • 有声《三字经》注音(通行版)完整精校版—和我一起学国学 developed by Happiness's studio in the Education genre
  • Macao Daily developed by MACAO DAILY NEWS, LIMITED in the News genre
  • 中华万年历-万年历日历天气工具 developed by Etouch in the Utilities genre

Based on the number of iOS apps integrating MultiLayerNavigation, it is Not Popular.

In the last six months MultiLayerNavigation has more new installations than removals.

This SDK is most commonly used by iOS apps in the Reference genre, followed by the News genre.

Similar SDKs include: