The SDNetworkActivityIndicator helps developers handle the showing / hiding of the iOS network activity indicator to allow multiple concurrent threads to show / hide the indicator such that the indicator remains visible until all the requests have completed and requested the indicator to be hidden. The primary SDK category for SDNetworkActivityIndicator is Developer Tools. It is integrated in apps on the Apple App Store.

Based on downloads over the last 30 days, the most popular iOS apps on the integrating SDNetworkActivityIndicator are:

  • Pogoplug developed by Cloud Engines, Inc. in the Productivity genre
  • Xe Currency & Money Transfers developed by XE.com Inc. in the Finance genre
  • Our Groceries Shopping List developed by OurGroceries, Inc. in the Shopping genre
  • Radio Zürisee developed by Radio Zürisee in the Music genre
  • CIMB Clicks Malaysia developed by CIMB Bank Berhad in the Finance genre

Based on the number of iOS apps integrating SDNetworkActivityIndicator, it is Popular.

In the last six months SDNetworkActivityIndicator has more new installations than removals.

This SDK is most commonly used by iOS apps in the Finance genre, followed by the Medical genre.

Similar SDKs include: