How to discover new games getting traction on Google Play

The ability to discover new apps that are getting traction on Google Play or Apple App Store can be extremely valuable for business. However, the sheer number of available apps makes this task impossible without having precise data about apps' release dates, app ranks in each country and store, ratings, etc. Even if this data is available it still requires a lot of internal resources such as data scientists working together with product managers to get the solution right. Luckily 42matters offers an option that is only a few clicks away and stays up-to-date all the time.

By using the App Intelligence Explorer, users can choose a variety of filters to narrow down their search and receive immediate visual results that can be exported swiftly. We will demonstrate how to obtain a list of:

  • Games
  • Released in the last 30 days
  • Appearing in a top chart anywhere in the world, from position 1 to 100
  • Having a good rating of 4+ with at least 100 ratings

First we choose to filter out any apps that are not in a Game category. The Categories filter allows that by conveniently grouping all games under a single checkbox option.

Google Play apps on the 42matters App Intelligence Explorer.


Secondly we allow only apps released in the last month (last 30 days) to be shown in the results.


And finally we apply the rest of the required filters, including the filter to return only apps that appear in any top chart, in any country on position 1 to 100.


This results in 194 games at the time of writing this blogpost, first one being Happy Glass, which most certainly was hot at that time. The list can now easily be exported via the Export feature of the App Intelligence Explorer and opened in Excel or Google Sheets. The same query can be executed with the help of the Advanced Query API for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Each query can easily be saved in your list of private queries for easier reuse. Simply hit the "Save" button that appears automatically over the filters, choose an appropriate name and save. The saved queries can even be edited later if you for example decide to narrow your search to find only apps that are available on both stores.

Make sure you check out the Explorer and let us know if you have designed a fancy query yourself.