42matters provides global app intelligence data for Statista

Smartphones have become ubiquitous for the average consumer and, as an effect, so have Apps.  The App economy is growing at a staggering rate, though, and for developers the importance of measuring the App market is more important than ever.  Understanding the latest developments and demographics to help increase App engagement and reaching the most relevant audiences are top of mind.

42matters provide insights on the global App audience and demographics by providing App Market Data and Mobile Audience Data. The privately held Swiss-based company was founded in 2011 as a spin-off company from ETH Zurich university.  Their Audience data covers over 180 million profiles and over 2.5 million apps, insights valuable to market participants and marketing professionals.

As part of their co-operation with Statista, 42matters will provide iOS and Google Play Store figures, along with app category, app releases and app developer data down to the country level. “We decided to partner with Statista because we share the same belief in providing the highest quality mobile data for app market researchers, analysts and companies who are looking for app data intelligence that cannot be found anywhere else“, said Andrea Girardello, CEO and Co-Founder of 42matters.

“By working with hi-tech companies like 42matters, we ensure high quality, timely data on growing digital industries like the App industry. Our partnerships allow us to provide additional value to our users by providing exclusive content combined with easy access in our database”, stated Statista CEO Friedrich Schwandt.

About Statista

Statista GmbH operates Statista.com, a leading data and business intelligence portal. Statista provides its customers with considerable efficiency and cost benefits with regard to locating business-relevant information, primarily in the form of statistics, on a single highly-relevant platform. The portal offers a vast pool of data in German, English, French, and Spanish, which is collected in accordance with customer needs and expanded on a daily basis.

The platform today already gives access to some one million statistics from over 18,000 sources covering more than 600 industries and offers – in three equal parts – data from Statista’s own collections, data from partners, and data from publicly available sources. Statista furthermore performs extensive market research studies and publishes renowned rankings and toplists for different industries and countries (e.g. “Best Employer”, “Best Law Firm”, etc.). Moreover, Statista designs infographics to the specifications of its customers. For more information about Statista please visit www.statista.com.

About 42matters

42matters offers a full suite of products and services for the mobile app market. Through our App Store API for Android and iOS, Mobile App Market Data Explorer and Mobile Audience Data Profiler, we bring a unique combination of technical and business data to provide our customers with thorough analysis of the latest developments on the app market and user demographics that help them improve app monetization, increase users’ engagement and efficiently target their online marketing efforts to the right audience in the mobile space.

We work with the world’s leading mobile companies, helping them build better business through mobile data. For more information about 42matters please visit 42matters.com.